Winning this Holiday Season

Winning this Holiday Season

The holidays should boost your salon sales from 25-40% with a great holiday plan. As Salon Owners we must to wear two hats; our Hair Client Hat and our Holiday Shopper Hat. The winning formula…

  • Scheduling enough bookable hours to handle the increase in clients
  • Effectively marketing gift cards and
  • Buying and merchandising the right holiday giftables
  • Using an Upgrade Menu

Scheduling for Growth

Look beyond your regular schedule and staff up peak times. Use your salon software system to analyze your business the 10 days before the holiday look to see what days and hours were they busiest and where were you at capacity and couldn’t take another appointment. Add hours strategically to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity.

Gift Cards

There is no time like the “PRESENT”. This is the time a year everyone is looking for a simple gift idea. Have a great script, strong merchandising and market to clients on each station. 80% of all gift cards are redeemed within 60 days of purchase enjoy added cash flow at the holiday season while securing your January and February business.

Giftables and Merchandising

While we always want to focus on the right product for our clients, holiday is the time to look at retailing a bit differently. Add a mix of great affordable gift ideas. Target gift ideas between
$20 – $50 price points to maximize the impulse nature of holiday gift buying. Merchandising holiday giftables together in your prime retailing real estate and at eye level using persuasive signage which clearly highlights gift ideas and their value.

Upgrade Menu

Treat your clients for the holidays, have an upgrade menu. Whether it’s a quick face frame of highlights with your single process, a scalp massage or treatment have a menu of quick an easy services with several targeting a $20 value in your hip pocket to share ways your clients can treat themselves this holiday.

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