Power of the Next Visit

Power of the Next Visit

We all know rebooking is important but how do we get above being average. As an owner, I talk to my team about rebooking every day. Especially in the peak seasons as they lead into …you know… crickets (January and end of July/August). Leading salons are above 60% in rebooking even with online booking. Here are a few best practices we love.

Your Mission: Tease them with their NEXT VISIT

Your Reward:

1. See the world HALF FULL…when you come to work each week you’ll smile cause your salon and your team is busy. [Create a distinction for rebooked appointments on your appointment book so your team can see their work vs. the receptionists]

2. Have TIME TO PLAY + drink more Starbucks. Securing the next visit = $100,000 INCOME. While you or your team may not be in it for the money. You can have a lot of “me time adventures” when you make a solid living. [It only takes 2-3 new clients per day, 5 days a week, 50% secure their next visit, every week for 26 weeks.]

3. STAY CREATIVE… do the work you love don’t just plant a seed. Have a plan and rock it.



The next visit should be just as fun for your clients as it is for your stylists. Don’t do the same thing equals a max. of nine visit before she’s bored and moves on. Suggest something new for each next visit, whether it’s a slight adjustment or an overhaul be who she looks to to stay her version of on trend.


Know your book a few days in advance, this gives you time to do your homework. Prepare a look book for your client of a few ideas to plan the seed. Have a new idea for styling. Tease her be playful and have fun. Take notes it’s important. [Try a client incentive offer a deluxe sample or value-added service for rebooking two appointments]


Get over it, scripts work. And they don’t work, unless you practice so role play with each other.
The script starts as soon as you begin to tease the next visit, then you’re being a curator. Care enough to invest in her future and listen for her cues.

[“I love the balayage we did today, for your next visit fall is approaching let’s add a add a few darker pieces to give it a rich effect for the winter months”]

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