Overcoming Fear With Business Strategy

Overcoming Fear With Business Strategy


How do we pay a stylist commission when the ticket is separated out into parts and labor?

Using Salon Scale you pay commission on the “labor” only. The “parts” is a revenue stream for the salon.


Salon scale is an add on to salon software. Auto replenishment should be a feature inside your current salon software. If it’s not, ShortCuts and Phorest have good ones.

What is a Green Circle Salon?

Green Circle Salon collects, recycles & repurposes a salon or spa’s hair clippings, used foils, color-tubes, excess hair color, papers and plastics, glass, and spa waste, and divert them from landfills and waterways. Check out their Green Circle Salon’s Website to learn more. You may also use your points to help you get started.

What percentage/how much would you suggest to increase the “green circle” fee?

It depends on why you’re interested in increasing it. We were looking to cover the incremental cost of going cashless, so we projected the cost and built it into the current environmental stewardship fee we charge.

How is it that you are able to pay under 50% and keep stylists?

We have a great culture and benefits. We also don’t charge a deduct. The math doesn’t add up so we don’t pay what we can’t afford and stand behind what we offer.

Do you have a yearly contract for merchant services? How do you deal with the contract, sometimes they want to lock you into long term contract for a better rate?

We do not and won’t sign one. We partnered with a company that guarantees the best rate. So, when they don’t have the best rate we make sure they adjust it. If you have to sign an annual contract, make sure before you resign you renegotiate. Keep them competitive.


How many people allowed in the salon at once?

No answer for NYC yet. We are building plans assuming if they hold us to the max. of ten they restricted us to just prior to closing then we are going from there. If more are allowed or double booking is possible… I know how to do that. I’m working on the plan I don’t already know how to do and make money.

Should you divide the teams into different groups in case one person is exposed to the virus? So your whole team does not have to quarantine for 14 days, but just that one group?

We haven’t considered that yet. If you have a big team and can do that effectively it’s a solid strategy.

I have some stylists that are scared to come back to work and feel like it is irresponsible – how do you handle.

Carefully. We will not require anyone to come back to work. But if we had someone scared, we would listen carefully to their concerns and see if there were solutions that might work. An example might be moving them to our weekday morning shifts as very few people work. But we will 100% respect their feelings and be ready for them when they are ready.

Can you ask clients to wait in the car?

Certainly, if you need to. It will prevent congestion. Have them call when they arrive and call them when it’s time to enter.


Do you feel we will have to supply all of our client’s masks?

OSHA requires us to have PPE available. I’d make the judgement by based on the community and their requirements to wear mask. I can’t believe a New Yorker won’t have one. So, I’m stocking based on a mask is sometimes needed, not every client. I will also put in the confirmation script both electronic and verbal to bring their mask.

Are you offering drinks to clients in disposable cups?

We have discontinued beverage service and promote BYOB (bring your own beverage and cup)

Will face shields be enough protection? Will they need to wear both shield and mask?

We don’t have guidelines yet. I’m preparing they will need both and we’ll go from there. In NYC we can, to date, wear cloth masks, but I will have both, so I’m covered either way.

Any form of release form necessary for clients to sign? There is no liability on the salon if it’s contracted during the visit.

An attorney could help with that but remember HIPPA laws you need a secure place to store this information as it’s potentially medical information.

How will you tell them that they cannot have their service in the event that they are sick?

We will have communicated in advance to expect their temperature is taken at arrival including the service questions to be asked. I might say, we see you have a slight fever for the health and safety of our team and clients we’ll need to reschedule your visit today. Then I’d ask them to call us when they get home and we’ll schedule their next visit. (Knowing we’d push the visit beyond 14 days for the day they are turned away.). I really think clients will understand. Different times call for different measures.

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