Fuel For Business ON TOUR

Fuel For Business ON TOUR

September 9-11 Houston Garden Inn @ Galleria

Are you ready for P & L Bootcamp?

Fuel your confidence with proven business, marketing and training systems to make your salon more efficient and profitable. In this class you’ll learn to build a comprehensive plan for your business while establishing day-to-day best practices to challenge, motivate and inspire your team.

You’ll learn to:
  • Demystify your profit & loss statement.
  • Understand key profit benchmarks, know where you stand.
  • Leverage retail sales to drive profit; let merchandising lead your clients through an experience.
  • Establish career path that fits your leadership style, motivates millennials, rewards the behaviors you want and drives sales, retention and profits.
  • Be the coach and mentor you always wanted to be and establish clear development plan for your team and each player on the team.
  • Leave with a game plan, clear goals and strategies to drive your business immediately.

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