Data-Driven Salon Experience – Live Online

Data-Driven Salon Experience – Live Online

Join Shannon and Allyson King, Founders of Beauty 360 Consulting LIVE October 12th at 11:00 AM PST

Pricing for Profits

Re-opening was (is) expensive.
Don’t let its cost take away from your profits.Be confident to profitably Raise Your Prices with clarity and purpose.
We’ll answer when, how and why with a new profitable twist.

Here’s the reality, we had a lot to do to get safely reopened. Let’s make sure it was profitable as well. A $5 price increase, while helpful, once commissions and all your expenses are paid might not be as meaningful as you hoped.

Let’s identify the gap we have to close and look at strategies beyond a price increase to ensure we have a plan, know where the money goes and rebuild our business’s wealth.

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